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Your Reps

Locations Name Role Email
D Division Scotland Matthew Rodgers Chair
Misconduct, Health and Safety, PIP
Douglas Brownlee Secretary
Mike McEwan /Misconduct, Welfare
Stuart Cowan Misconduct, PIP
Gordon Wason Misconduct, Welfare
Locations Name Role Email
Pennine East Michael Jackson Chair, Misconduct Friend
Ryan Griffiths Secretary, Misconduct Friend, PIP
Tahira Bibi Misconduct Friend
Tanya Rickard Misconduct Friend, PIP
Locations Name Role Email
Pennine West Steve Lewis Chair and National Vice Chair
Dominic Wilcox Secretary, Misconduct, Chair H&S Committee
Catherine Daley Misconduct, Welfare, PIP Trained
Justin Casson H&S, Clothing Committee
Carol Peters
Locations Name Role Email
Wales and Midland Mark Murphy Chair
Misconduct, PIP, Welfare
Debi Rouse Area Secretary
Misconduct, PIP, Welfare, H&S
Mike Jones Deputy Secretary
Misconduct, Welfare
Nick Brown Welfare
Mike Chapman Welfare
James Davies PIP, H&S, Welfare
Locations Name Role Email
B Division East Peter Kingham Chair
Misconduct, Chair of Welfare
Mark Bishop Secretary
Rodney Forsyth
Mark Perryman
Stephen Curry
Paul Donovan
Locations Name Role Email
B Division South Brian Williams Chair
Kingsley Howard Secretary
Mark Stook
Tracy Endursby Welfare
Locations Name Role Email
TFL Kevin Street Chair
Misconduct, PIP
Jim Carty Secretary
Misconduct, PIP
John McCrae Misconduct, PIP
Paul Miller Welfare, Misconduct
Rob Doncaster  
Dan Tanner