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British Transport
Police Federation

London Underground

British Transport Police Federation
55 Broadway
London SW1 0BD
Tel:- 0207-918-3554

There are eight (8) federation delegates in the area;

    X PC Kevin Street Chairman / Welfare Aldgate 0207 027 6388
    X PC Kevin Gardiner Area Secretary Selbie House 07764 177306
      PC Jim Carty Deputy Chairman London 0207 027 6495
      PC John McCrea Assistant Secretary Hammersmith 0207 752 4071
    X PC Steve Irons H & S Area HQ 0207 918 4643
      Insp Brian Drayson   Area HQ 0207 919 4850
      Sgt Darren Criag      


    The London Underground Area of British Transport Police employs 681 police officers.

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