The British Transport Police - A Force on the Move

The Job

The British Transport Police performs a wide variety of tasks, but what ever they are doing, from dealing with major crime to reuniting a lost child with its parent, their aim is to provide the best policing service for Britains railways.

The British Transport Police is the national force for Britain's railways, but what does that mean?

officer in train stationIt means:

  • Being part of a specialist team dedicated to policeing railways, their staff and customers
  • Having a great deal of personal responsibility and discretion
  • Being a leader, a diplomat and a manager
  • Being versatile and flexible
Above all, it means being busy, busy with people.

Over 135,000 offences are reported to the Force each year. In addition, officers are dealing with thousands of other calls for service, from a lost child to a major accident.

"British Transport Police officers deal with the whole range of crime from murder to fraud, from theft to public order.

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