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11 Jan Pay off your costly loans - Police Credit Union
22 Dec The future of policing in Scotland: A further chance to have your say
20 Dec Chairman's blog for December
9 Dec Statement regarding publication of The Railway Policing (Scotland) Bill
6 Dec Open Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice
24 Nov Chairman's blog for November
24 Nov Circ 15/2016 - Forthcoming Federation Divisional Elections
18 Nov Latest update on plans for policing in Scotland (November 2016)
1 Nov BTP Federation gives evidence on the proposals for policing in Scotland
25 Oct Chairman's blog for October
12 Oct BTP Federation Blog: Update from Force Conference
4 Oct Does HMRC have some of your money?
3 Oct St George's Police Children Trust campaign
27 Sept National Police Memorial Day: We will remember them
27 Sept Chairman's blog for September
6 Sept Specialised railway policing put at risk by Scottish Government
2 Sept Statement in response to media release 'British Transport Police to introduce TASER devices in Scotland'
27 July Have your say: Scottish Government Consultation on policing
22 July Share your views on officer/staff attitudes to people with mental health issues
22 July Guest Blog from Gill Scott-Moore, CEO of the PDT
6 July Chairman's blog for July
29 June The Scottish Government Consultation on the Integration of the British Transport Police in Scotland into Police Scotland
26 May Chairman's blog for May - Post Conference
25 May The Police Treatment Centres - a patient's perspective
23 May Response to BBC article
11 May Chairman's blog for May
7 Apr HMRC issues our members with the wrong tax codes!
22 Mar Federation Forms updated
3 Feb Latest VoiceMobile Offers
28 Jan Are you paying more tax than necessary?
15 Jan Police Mutual latest Offer
10 Dec Scotish Area Committee Updated
29 Oct Tadworth Blue Plaque
30 Sept BTP Force Angling Club
21 Sept Eurocop Report September 2015
18 Sept Agreement for the purposes of the Working Time Regulations 1998
30 July Fifteen Metre Beep/Bleep Test
6 July Police treatment Membership Application form
3 June Tax Refund Co. - New Service
19 May Police FEderation Legal Services from Linder Myers
19 May BTPF Newslink - May 2015
15 May Professional Fees and Subscriptions 2014/15
12 May EuroCOP Newsletter Issue 7
8 May Mental Health Foundations Mental Health Awareness Week commencing 11 May 2015
30 April BSc (Hons) Policing | MA Policing and Criminal Justice | MSc (Thesis only) in Policing
21 April EP hearing on the fight against terrorism and the challenges for EU internal security
15 April Report by Graham Poyser, National Treasurer, on the AGSI Conference
2 April Offer on New Honda Civic Sport
26 March BTPF Annual Conference - Awards of Excellence
11 March Statement in relation to the devolvement of the functions of the BTP in Scotland
29 January GPC Meeting 10th February 2015
29 January Federation Update
23 January Scotland
19 January Current Threat Level