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06 September, 2016

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October 4, 2016

Does HMRC have some of your money?

Hundreds of members have now had money back by using the British Transport Police tax refund service, provided by tax experts, The Tax Refund Company.

Since launching our Tax Code Review service in June 2015, over 510 members have now applied to have their tax codes checked for errors. The average refund so far is £164.70 each, although some members have had over £450 back!

With over half our members getting money back, if you have not used this service yet, The British Transport Police Federation are pleased to give you another opportunity to discover if you are due a tax refund.

It's even more important you check your tax code this year as there are new allowances aimed at taxpayers earning less than £43,000 pa., especially if you're married. If you're missing out on these, you could be losing £454 this year alone.

The main facts you need to know:
  • Your review is FREE if you do not get a tax refund
  • For every £1 refunded, you keep 62p (minimum fee £38*)
  • YOU keep 100% of any future savings you make from a new tax code
  • Dog handlers in particular are frequently found to have paid too much tax

To discover if you are due some money back, apply here.

Act now and get your money back.