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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Pay Increase

It is regrettable that some misleading information regarding a 12% pay increase is currently being circulated.

The facts are that an application for a productivity pay increase of 4% p.a. over a 3-year period in addition to the annual uprate in pay has been applied for by the Staff Side of Police Negotiating Board. The application is currently still on the table at P.N.B.

It has not been agreed and is not about to be paid.

Likewise there appears confusion over the discount of 30 minutes on casual overtime when taken as time in lieu instead of payment. We are currently involved in talks with Force Management on this issue. To date, no offer has been made or accepted. Meetings will continue towards resolving the issue at a National Negotiating meeting to be held in early July. Further updates will be published as the matter progresses.

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