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Specialised railway policing put at risk by Scottish Government

06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Jurisdiction - Conference Motion

At the Annual Conference of the Police Federation of England and Wales last week the following motion was put to delegates.

Conference instructs the Joint Central Committee to actively support an extension to the present jurisdiction of British Transport Police such as to afford officers of that Force, when not on or in the vicinity of railway property, protection under the law when called upon to take immediate action in the office of constabulary by a member of the public, or in such circumstances that urgent action is judged necessary to protect life or property, or prevent the commission of an arrestable office.

The motion was proposed by the City of London J.B.B. and seconded by Thames Valley.

A healthy debate took place with speakers for and against the motion. The platform (J.C.C. members) spoke against. At the end of the debate the motion was overwhelmingly carried by the floor of Conference.

The National officers of this Federation have worked long and closely with Mr Will Parsons, Chairman of the City of London J.B.B., to try and secure the, success of this motion, The intention is, that when the Joint Central Committee of the Police Federation of England and Wales are consulted during the D.E.T.R. programme, on the, future of the Force, they will support the extension of jurisdiction and so make it more likely that Government will press ahead with the necessary legislation.

This Federation is grateful to Will Parsons for his assistance and grateful also to the many other Federations that supported us during the debate. These included Glen Smyth, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Terry Corrigan, Chairman of Durham. Police Federation as well as others. Our thanks go to them all.

Your National Officers will now be pressing for the Consultation process to be, implemented as soon after the General Election as possible in order that this important matter may be finalised.

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