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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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New York Disaster of 11th September

September 11th 2001 is a date that many of us will remember for the images of terrorism and destruction that we witnessed through the medium of television.

For our police colleagues in New York the date will be remembered for the personal loss that they endured. Many officers made the supreme sacrifice, many others were seriously injured.

One enduring image from the television coverage was of a New York Police officer urging members of the public to fall back from the danger area, whilst he continued forward into the unknown. It is this sense of duty and dedication, in the face of indescribable horror, which is a common bond for police officers throughout the world.

Following the disaster we contacted our colleagues at our brother Police Association in New York State and passed on our condolences. A letter expressing our thoughts, along with a cash donation was also sent and is reproduced here.

Phil White
General Secretary

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