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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Report on the Police Reform Lobby Of Parliament

Wednesday, 13th March 2002, was the biggest gathering of Police Officers since the Sheehy Rally at Wembley. Conservative estimates put the numbers at over 8,000.

The Executive Committee of the Federation was present throughout the day and despite the late receipt and circulation of details of the lobby a significant number of our members attended to add their support.

The overwhelming impression from speaking to members and listening to the 'open' discussions in the QE2 Centre was of solidarity. We have reached a point where farther erosion of our conditions and protections are not acceptable. The use of Spin-Doctors to denigrate the Police Service in a carefully orchestrated press campaign and the suggestion from Government that the Police Federation was not impartial in informing its members over the proposed reforms angered many speakers throughout the day.

As an Executive this Federation individually lobbied specific Members of Parliament on the concerns and anger of our members over the proposed reforms

Each individual M? was unaware that if the reform package had been agreed then our Force would not have received additional funding from the Treasury to facilitate its introduction. In real terms we may have been facing a reduction in establishment.

What now? Since the 'lobby' we have heard conciliatory messages from Government, when we are aware of any changes to their original proposals we must examine them carefully.

On Wednesday the message given to the Government was unmistakable. We reject your current proposals for reform to the Police Service.

Roger Randall
General Secretary Designate

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