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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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6th June 2003


On Thursday 5th June 2003 at the National Negotiating Committee amongst items tabled by Force were the following: -

1.                   Redundancy and Resettlement Policies

2.                   Dog Handlers Allowance

3.                   Definition of a ‘Day’

4.                   Police Reform

The Federation stated that in relation to the Police Reform Package it was accepted in full and no problems or delays had been anticipated in its introduction.

The Force reiterated their position, they wished to pay Police Reforms but only after the successful outcome of negotiations on the three other items.

We viewed the withholding of the Police Reform Package and linkage to successful negotiations into other unrelated issues as totally unjustified.

Whilst we are willing to discuss any subject the outcome of negotiations cannot be predicted and may not be what the Force and Police Committee deem successful and therefore we have formally failed to agree on this issue.

These matters will now progress through the machinery of Negotiation, ultimately if not resolved to an independent arbitrator.


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