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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Managers and Federation in Pay Deadlock

21 August 2003

THE British Transport Police Federation said the force is 'holding a gun' to its head after negotiations over a new pay package failed. Talks on the adoption of the revised pay scales, approved by the Police Negotiating Board in May, are now set to go to an independent arbitrator after the Federation and police committee (force management) failed to agree to a way forward.

The Federation wants management to agree to uphold old conditions of service, including a relocation allowance, before negotiations on implementing the new pay deal begin. But force management said it wanted to discuss this after any pay deal, which would bring the BTP in line with Home Office forces, is reached.

Roger Randall, secretary of the BTP Federation, condemned the way force management is approaching the talks. He said: 'They are putting undue pressure on us to negotiate away these conditions. I am willing to negotiate, but not while they are holding a gun to my head, not while they are withholding payments.'

Police review has received letters of complaint from BTP officers, who wanted to remain anonymous, about the way in which the force is approaching the issue.

Steve Thomas, director of human resources at BTP, said: 'The committee supported the strategy of the service which emphasises to implement the full police reform package in a way that brings the force even closer to Home Office terms and conditions.'

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