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06 September, 2016

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26 February 2004

Following the payment of the Police Reform Package protracted negotiations have taken place with regards to three items tabled by the Management side, namely.

  1. Definition of a Day
  2. Dog Handlers Allowance
  3. Redundancy and Resettlement Agreement

At the National Negotiating meeting held on Tuesday 24th February an agreement in principal was reached on the above issues. It should be noted that if an agreement had not been reached then under the Machinery of Negotiation these issues would have been referred to an independent arbitrator for a binding decision.

The following are details of the changes to terms and conditions.


    With effect from 4th April 2004 the working day will be a 24-hour period commencing at 07.00 hours.

    This changes certain conditions relating to Rest Day criteria and Bank Holiday provisions and aligns us with Police Regulations. In conjunction with this change we will see the adoption of Police Regulation Meal Relief allowances which provide for a minimum 45 minute Refreshment Break.


    1. With effect from 4th April 2004 all current Dog Handlers will retain commuted allowance at the current rate for a period of 6 years.
    2. Newly appointed Dog Handlers from 4th April 2004 to receive P.N.B. allowance of £1,761 plus provisions for extra dogs. If appropriate P.N.B. Motor Vehicle Allowances e.g. Essential User provisions will be paid.
    3. Negotiations will commence for P.N.B. Motor Vehicle Allowances to be applied to all Police Officers.


    The following are the material changes to the above agreement. It should be noted that unless stated all other current conditions e.g. Mortgage Interest payments, travel facilities (on redundancy) enhanced redundancy payments and relocation costs on redundancy have been retained for all officers in post prior to 29th February 2004.

    1. A 30 minute each way additional travelling time period will not attract payment or entitlement under Redundancy and Resettlements.
    2. Special Early Retirement Pension Scheme will only apply to officers 40 years of age or over as 29th February 2004.
    3. On redundancy the Force will pay interest on a loan of up to £7,500 to facilitate the purchase of property.
    4. The minimum notice period to terminate employment to be: - Up to 4 years service 3 months Over 4 years service 4 months
    5. The revised Redundancy and Resettlement Arrangements to be subject of a joint review within a 3-year time frame.
    6. New Entrants from 1st September 2003 to 28th February 2004 to be included in the collective agreement.
      1. Statutory Redundancy payment
      2. Statutory Notice Period
      3. Relocation Package: -
          Legal Fees
          Estate Agent fees
          Stamp Duty
          Removal Costs
          Lodging Allowance
          Mobility Lump Sum £3,366

Full details of the above changes to Conditions of Service will be published once ratified at Force Conference. We believe that the above agreement is more beneficial to our members than the imposition of the findings of an independent arbitrator, which would have been the case, if no Workplace Agreement had been reached.

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