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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Circular 11/06

28 November 2006

Following the disputed pay award of 3% the Home Office have announced the following terms of reference for the recently announced review of Police pay arrangements.

We will keep you updated on any developments.

The terms of reference for the review are:

Part 1 - To consider the options for replacing the current arrangements for determining changes to police officer pay for 2007 and make recommendations on this. The conclusions and recommendations in part 1 to be framed so as to inform part 2 of the review.

Part 2 - To review the effectiveness of the negotiating machinery for the police, including the Police Negotiating Board and the Police Staff Council, and make recommendations for how police pay and other conditions of service should be determined. The review must consider the option of a pay review body for police pay and consider the impact of any proposal for determining police officer pay, on the negotiating machinery for police officers.

Both parts of the review must take account of the need of arrangements to reflect and support the following:

  • The future requirements of the service for the effective and efficient delivery of policing services, motivation and morale and recruitment and retention rates, and overall affordability.

  • Government policy on public sector pay and the broader economic and employment context, and consistency with the achievement of the inflation target of 2 per cent.

  • The need to enable wider police workforce developments including proper reward and recognition arrangements.

  • Arrangements for pay determination in other parts of the public sector.

Part 1 should report no later than February 2007, and part 2 in the autumn of 2007.

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