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Specialised railway policing put at risk by Scottish Government

06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Police Pay Award 2007

Circular 16/07

6 December 2007

The Home Secretary today announced in Parliament the 2007 pay award would indeed be implemented from 1st December 2007. Thus disregarding the Independent Arbiters recommendations.

The decision effectively means the 2.5% pay award becomes1.9%, an absolute disgrace.

Her leaked letter of the 5th December also supports the abolition of the Police Negotiating Board to be replaced by a pay review body. This is even before the findings of the Booth 11 report is published.

As a Federation we will be meeting with our colleagues in the other National Federations. An emergency meeting of Federation leaders is scheduled in the next few days to co ordinate action.

It is our view that police officers should either have the protection of full industrial rights or independent binding arbitration.

Currently there is neither.

In relation to the Police Negotiating Board this body has proved to be a fair method of determining Police Pay Awards during the last 30 years. The deliberate obstruction of P.N.B. in recent years by the Home Office to try and make it fail just highlights the underhand methods employed by the Government.

In contrast the Scottish Executive has announced that they will honour the Arbiters recommendation of a 2.5% pay award from the 1st September.

This Federation will be examining the consequences of these decisions in the coming days. Further updates will be distributed as soon as known.

Roger Randall
General Secretary

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