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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Joint Federation Meeting 12th December

Circular 18/07

13 December 2007

Yesterday this Federation attended the Joint United Kingdom Federation Meeting held in London. A vote of no confidence in Jacqui Smith to deal fairly with police pay and conditions was overwhelmingly passed. Subsequently a statement was issued calling for her resignation.

A range of issues were discussed to counter the unfair and dishonourable implementation of this years pay award and the proposed abolition of the Police Negotiating Board.

It was decided that a jointly funded judicial review of the Home Secretaries decision would be commenced. This Federation is contributing a substantial sum to assist in the action. A mass rally is being planned for January. As soon as details are known they will be distributed. A ballot of all police officers regarding industrial rights will also be organised. For current updates on the dispute please visit www.btpolfed.org.uk.

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