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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Force Roster Changes

Circular 05/09

5 August 2009

Following the Force decision to reduce and standardise the numbers of rosters worked by response units this Federation was consulted on the Forces choice of rosters.

Our involvement related to verifying whether the rosters complied with our Conditions of Service, relevant legislation and ensuring correct procedures were followed regarding the Forces desire to implement these changes.

The rosters put forward to ballot were decided on by the Force, we have been informed the ballot will be run Area by Area overseen at the counting stage by the Federation

Any changes to the rosters are disruptive and controversial and the Force insistence on change has caused many serious concerns to be raised.

As the proposed rosters are modified to suit individual Areas your Area Federation Board has been consulted on each roster.

We will continue to ensure that the Force follows agreed procedures during this process.

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