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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Circular 17 /10

2 Novenber 2010

Following recent meetings at Force Headquarters we have been informed that the Force is hopeful that substantial savings can be made in non staff costs in the coming years. With the forthcoming savings required because of budgetary constraints we are sure this is the preferred option compared to a reduction in the size of the Force.

There has been numerous articles regarding loss of police numbers in Home Department Forces, we await confirmation the exact reductions they potentially face. Whilst there are numerous rumours circulating at the moment regarding redundancies in our Force we are unaware of any proposals in this respect.

Coupled with budgetary restraints we face negotiations to change our terms and conditions, these will be conducted via the Police Negotiating Board, pay conditions being mirrored and adopted under our negotiating structure. This Federation has seen the Chief Constables response to the Windsor enquire into police pay and conditions. The Chief Constable together with other Chiefs have stated that overtime payments should be changed to reflect the financial constraints on police budgets and the restrictions placed on rostering be reviewed.

The points raised by the Chief Constable are not surprising we of course have advised the Chief Constable we do not agree with his response. As an organisation we have not been invited by Windsor to make any submission to his enquiry.

We now await the commencement of formal negotiations regarding our terms and conditions. We will keep you advised.

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