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06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Statement by British Transport Police Federation on London Demonstrations

(Press Release)

Circular 20 /10

10 December 2010

The Chairman of the BTP Federation, Alex Robertson and the General Secretary, Roger Randall, have expressed warnings about the dangers of cutting police numbers, given the current street violence by students and anarchists.

"The deplorable and disgraceful scenes of violence witnessed in London yesterday yet again demonstrate why cuts in police strength at the current time would be a strategy fraught with risks.

"The joint operation by Metropolitan, British Transport Police and City of London Police saw our members come under sustained attack by large numbers of demonstrators, intent on causing injuries to officers and criminal damage to property. The police response in the face of extreme violence was commendable and fully justified.


For further information please contact Roger Randall

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