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Specialised railway policing put at risk by Scottish Government

06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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26 February 2014


We have now instructed a leading QC in relation to this issue. No formal consultation on changes to our current Pension Schemes have commenced but we expect the British Transport Police Authority to start discussions in the near future. There are numerous stages any proposed changes to our Pension Schemes have to go through, this includes formal proposals to the British Transport Police Superannuation Fund, Management Committee, on which the Federation sit and the Trustee Board. Benefits earned up to the date of any change, should it happen, are protected. Any proposal would need to be accepted by the Management Committee and approval given by the Trustee Board. Historically proposed changes to some sections of the Railway Pension Scheme have been modified or not proceeded with following feedback from members to the Trustee.

Once the formal consultation period commences individual members will be able to respond with their own views. We currently have no date for formal consultation and no proposals have been put to this Federation or the Superintendants Association to date.

Roger Randall

General Secretary

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