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Specialised railway policing put at risk by Scottish Government

06 September, 2016

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September 06, 2016

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Transfer of Pension Rights Update

Circular 19/08

15 July 2008

At a recent meeting with Home Office Officials we were informed that any officers in the British Transport Police 30 year pension scheme on transfer to a Home Department Force would not be allowed into the Home Office 30 year scheme as it was closed.

They put forward a proposal regarding batching which would allow Home Department officers to transfer into British Transport Police and our 30 year scheme but if they then left British Transport Police they would not have the right to re enter the Home Office 30 year scheme. For Scottish officers there would be no transfers in or out of the respective schemes.

We are totally opposed to the inequality of this ill conceived idea and have asked for an urgent meeting with Home Office Ministers to express our concerns and lobby for the mutual transfer rights we have previously enjoyed.

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