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Conditions of Service

Rostered Restdays & Public Holidays
Reg 26 Annex H / British Transport Police Adopted

Subject to the exigencies of duty, an officer will be ranted two rest days each week and a day's leave on each public holiday. When you are required to do duty on a rostered rest day, you are entitled to:

With less than 15 days' notice:
- Compensation at the rate of time and one half

With 15 or more days' notice:
- Another rest day which should be notified to you within 4 days of the requirement.

When calculating the number of days' notice given, disregard both the day on which the requirement was notified and the day on which you are required to work.

Compensation for Duty on a Public Holiday Reg 26 Annex H / British Transport Police Adopted

Where you are required to do duty on a public holiday, you are entitled to:

With less than 8 days' notice:
- Double time payment and another day off in lieu

In any other case:
- An allowance at the appropriate rate i.e. double time

Continuous Duty in to a Rest Day

Where an officer works continuously through from a scheduled duty day into a rest day he/she will be paid at the appropriate enhanced rated for up to the first hour of the rest day worked. The appropriate enhanced rate is time and a half where less than 15 days notice is given. Where an officer works more than 1 hour and up to 4 hours he/she receives 4 hours payment at time and a half.

Reinstatement of Cancelled Rest Days Police Negotiating Board Circular 85/9 / British Transport Police Adopted.

When an officers rest day is cancelled in anticipation of an operational need for which in any event he/she is not required to attend for duty:

Where the officer is told with more than 7 days (and less than 15 days) notice that he/she will not after all be required to work on his/her rest day, he/she will take the rest day with no compensation.

Where the officer is given less than 8 days notice he/she can choose between taking the rest day with no compensation or working on the rest day with compensation in accordance with police regulations. (B.T.P. Adopted).