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Colleague's court appeal successful

8 November, 2019

British Transport
Police Federation
November 8, 2019

Colleague's court appeal successful

PC Andrew Spiby had his common assault conviction quashed at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (7 November 2019).

This Federation is pleased by the verdict, but we must question why the matter got this far.

We hope the IOPC use this case as guidance when considering similar circumstances in the future. It is extremely difficult to fully understand what goes through an officer's mind as they assess what's happening in front of them.

There is a world of difference between an officer acting with an honestly held belief about the threat facing them or others, and an officer deliberately and recklessly intending to harm someone. The latter is completely unacceptable, but the former is a split-second decision made with the benefit of both training and experience.

We are pleased this has been recognised and that PC Spiby's appeal has been upheld by the courts.

This has been an extremely difficult and stressful time for PC Spiby and this Federation will continue to support him.