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3 Feb, 2021

British Transport
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Feb 3, 2021

Assault Pledge is rolled out nationally and refreshed in BTP

As the College of Policing rolls the Officer Assault pledge out nationally, BTP is considering what more can be done to support officers who are assaulted on duty.

More than 80 police officers are assaulted each day in England and Wales and assaults against BTP officers have increased in recent years.

BTP launched the Officer Assault Pledge back in 2016. It is based on the seven principles of Operation Hampshire, which aims to provide a comprehensive response to assaults against police. BTP is working with both the College of Policing and the Met's Op Hampshire team to see what further support can be offered to victims of assault on duty.

The principles of the Pledge (listed below) will remain the same, but the Force is extending a pilot C Division debrief process across the Force, publishing revised roles and responsibilities, and re-launching a working group, amongst other things.

Nigel Goodband, Chair of BTP Federation, said: "The national roll-out is a very positive development; it is crucial that appropriate support is offered consistently, both across BTP and the police service as a whole. Our people should not expect to be assaulted or abused at work - it's not 'just part of the job' - but if it does happen, they should expect to receive practical and emotional assistance for as long as they need it."

Superintendent Sandra England, who is leading Op Hampshire in BTP, said: "Police officers and police staff do an incredible job and it is never ok to think that being assaulted is part of the job. When employees do become victims of assault or subject to vile verbal abuse due to a protected characteristic it is essential to ensure that the physical and mental support is readily available."

Officer Assault Pledge - What you can expect:
  1. You will be treated with the same level of care and offered the same support as any other victim of crime
  2. A member of your leadership team will provide oversight of the incident
  3. As a victim of assault or verbal hate crime, you will never be required to investigate your own case
  4. Details of assault and / or injuries sustained while at work will be placed on the Force's Accident Management System
  5. You will not be required to write your own statement, unless absolutely necessary
  6. As a Force, we'll do our very best to achieve successful convictions of those who assault any of our officers or staff
  7. A debrief of the incident will take place to highlight anything that may help to reduce the likelihood of officer/staff assaults in the future.

For more information, officers should visit the BTP Intranet. Two posters explaining the pledge are available to download for display.