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British Transport
Police Federation
Conference 2021

British Transport Police Federation's annual conference was held at The Grand in York on 21 and 22 September. The Awards of Excellence and centenary celebration took place on 22 September at the National Railway Museum in York.

Conference - closed session
The annual conference began with a closed session attended by Federation Reps from across the Force Area. Reports were presented by the General Secretary (Mark Marshallsay), Treasurer (Peter Kingham), Health and Safety lead (Stuart Cowan) and the Welfare Committee (Paul Miller).

Federation Reps also debated a number of rule changes and motions. Reports from each Divisional Secretary can be found in the conference brochure. A summary of conference will be emailed to members shortly.

Guest speaker
Colin Reynolds of Reynolds Dawson (above right) gave Federation Reps a detailed and input on the new conduct regulations and post-incident procedures. Detailed training on the new regulations is being organised for reps but Colin focused on the most significant changes for the Federation to be aware of.

Conference - open session
Chair's Speech
Federation Chair, Nigel Goodband, delivered his keynote speech to an audience of Federation Reps, BTP leadership, members of BTP Authority and guests from across the police service. Nigel paid testament to members for their dedication through one of the most challenging periods faced by the service:

"It was essential that vital services were kept open and the country was kept moving and without the dedication of BTP officers, this would not have been possible. Thank you. These same officers continued to work and deal with the public and keep their communities safe, despite being unvaccinated. They worked despite knowing that they could personally contract the virus, but also in the fear that they could take it back home to their loved ones. For that we owe them a massive debt of gratitude.

"I would also like to thank our colleagues in the Special Constabulary. 302 officers who clocked up over 100,000 hours of service in 2020, unpaid and often un-thanked. They stood shoulder to shoulder with regular officers and delivered outstanding service to the public in such difficult circumstances.

"Thank you to each and every one of them - we are proud to represent you all."

The theme of the Chair's speech was 'Forward'. Nigel Goodband spoke of the challenges facing policing and the Federation and signalled his commitment both to working with the Force to tackle these and further strengthening the Federation, so it is fit for the next hundred years (2021 marks one hundred years since the Federation was established).

Read Nigel Goodband's speech in full

Minister's response
A three line whip in the House of Commons meant the Rail Minster, Chris Heaton-Harris MP, was unable to attend the Federation conference in person. He recorded a response to Nigel Goodband's speech and answered questions that had been posed by Federation Reps. Above all, he offered a message of thanks:

"I want to thank you all for your dedication and outstanding contribution to the safety and security of the people who use or work on our rail system. Your exceptional efforts meant key workers could do their jobs throughout the pandemic and keep the country running through the most challenging times we've seen in generations. Your commitment in such adverse conditions is unparalleled and your unique skills in keeping passengers safe while keeping the network moving is key to our recovery from the pandemic. You should be extremely proud, and I really do want to say thank you from me and Grant [Shapps MP}, the Secretary of State."

Conference Q&A

Chief Constable Lucy D'Orsi was joined by the Chair of BTP Authority, Ron Barclay-Smith and the Authority's CEO, Hugh Ind for a question and answer session. Federation Reps from across the force area posed questions on topics including wellbeing, promotion processes, integration [Scotland], support for mental health issues, occupational health services, recruitment and retention.

The discussion lasted for more than an hour and a summary of the questions and answers is available here.

Awards of Excellence and centenary celebrations
BTP Federation's Awards of Excellence were held on the evening of Wednesday 22 September at the National Railway Museum in York. Officers who had saved lives, tackled terrorists and kept the public safe received awards, having been nominated by their colleagues and peers.

The winners:
  • PCs Lucy King, Callum Kalbfell, Mark Tabbron and Dan Huggins received an Award of Excellence after their quick-thinking and teamwork saved the life of a man who had been struck by a train near Wivenhoe.
  • PCs Gary Reader and Jack Smith receive an award for having bravely put their own safety at risk in an effort to save a man's life in Kent.
  • PC's Susan Adams and Simon Baxter received an award after demonstrating exceptional bravery in rescuing several families from a burning building in South Lanarkshire.
  • Sgt Lee Valentine and PCs Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams and Tom Wright received an award for their bravery in tackling a knife-wielding man who attacked passengers at Manchester Victoria Station.
  • PC's Iain Brown, Lewis Todd and John Paul O'Kane, Sgt David Howie, Inspector Raymond Smillie and PD Storm received an award for their bravery in dealing with public disorder at a hostile protest in Glasgow.
  • Sgt Tom Crocombe, PC Sidony Crowther, PC James Mace and Insp Steve Morrison received an award for their bravery in tackling a knife-wielding man who launched a frenzied attack at Ilford Station.
  • DC Jerry Meek received an award for bravely disarming a terrorist in London, preventing him from harming more people.
  • DI Andy Winters received the British Transport Police Federation Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his dedication, motivation and commitment throughout his long and distinguished career with BTP.

Videos highlighting the officers' work are available to watch on our Facebook page.

Centenary celebrations
The evening ended with a reflection on 100 years of BTP Federation. With the help of the BTP History Group, a brochure has been produced which charts the organisation's history. Phil White and Glyn Thomas from the History Group are pictured below with Nigel Goodband. The Federation has also adopted a new logo.

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