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"I went through absolute hell" says exonerated officer

25 Jan, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
Jan 25, 2020

"I went through absolute hell"
says exonerated officer

A BTP officer whose common assault conviction was overturned has described the devastating impact the case had on him and thanked the Federation for their support. At a recent misconduct hearing, PC Andrew Spiby was told no further action will be taken by BTP. PC Spiby has written about his experiences:

I'm Andy Spiby based at Derby. On 28 May 2018, I did my duty by firing my Taser in an escalating situation. Little did I know that this day would change my life forever.

It's now nearly three years on and at last I can rest now that justice prevailed. Just to make one thing clear: I was totally exonerated in Crown Court and cleared at the misconduct meeting.

I remember when I first joined the police and was asked if I wanted to enroll in the Federation. At the time, the only thing on my mind was that I was covered for life insurance and I thought, it will save me sorting one out, so I joined.

I didn't know then just how much I would need and rely on the Federation 13 years later, what the Federation does and the fantastic support that individuals have given me. Debi Rouse and Mark Murphy never left my side. They made sure that I was being looked after; between them they were on call 24 hours a day and were at my side at every meeting, giving me honest and reliable advice.

I went through absolute hell, with depression, anxiety and mental health issues. Every time I started to go downhill, they were there to lift me up, making sure that medical and health support was alerted.

I remember the day I walked out of court after being sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment (suspended for 12 months), a community service order for 120 hours and a hefty fine. Within 20 minutes of leaving the court I received a telephone call from the Federation offering to pay my fine.

Debi took the lead on looking after me during this extremely distressing time. She worked so hard behind the scenes making sure that our senior management and solicitors were backing me.

For the work that the Federation has done for me, I can never thank them enough. I owe them more than you could imagine.

My advice to anyone joining the police is to definitely subscribe to the Federation as you could, at any time, be let down by colleagues or departments that do not have your best interests at heart.

To the Federation, I am so proud of the way you looked after me.

More information about the role of the Federation and the support available to BTP officers can be found here along with the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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