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Free leadership workshops<

13 August, 2019

British Transport
Police Federation
August 13, 2019

Free leadership workshops

We might all have a different view on what makes a good boss, but there's no doubt strong and effective leaders are crucial to the police service.

Next month sees the start of a series of workshops to help team leaders to build their capabilities in order to motivate and enable their team to bring their best to their role.

The workshops, organised by the College of Policing are free of charge, take place across the country and are open to leaders in BTP. The sessions are as follows:

  • Workshop 1: 'Motivating people through effective leadership' will develop your leadership and management capabilities to get the most out of your team.
  • Workshop 2: 'Unlocking the potential of individuals and teams' will give you tools and knowledge to develop and nurture talent to increase overall team performance.
  • Workshop 3: 'Influencing strategically and having fierce conversations' will develop your communication and influencing skills to help shape relationships and outcomes.
  • Workshop 4: 'Leading in a changing world' will give you tools and knowledge to successfully lead people through change.
  • Workshop 5: 'Improving wellbeing and resilience across policing' will give you tools and knowledge to boost the vitality, general wellbeing and resilience of your team.

More information on the dates, locations and an overview of each workshop is available here. To join one of the workshops visit www.leadership.college.police.uk/shop/workshops

Questions about the events can be emailed to leadershiplearning@college.pnn.police.uk