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Training underlines the importance of PIP

16 Sept, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
Sept 16, 2020

Training underlines the importance of PIP

Federation reps have taken part in a Post Incident Procedure training day.

A team from BTP's firearms unit was joined by post incident managers, representatives from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and Nigel Goodband and Cath Daley from BTP Federation.

Post-incident investigations will commence in all situations following police contact that may have:
  • resulted in death or serious injury
  • revealed failings in command
  • caused danger to officers or the public
Speaking after the training day, Nigel Goodband said "Officers have to make difficult decisions when faced with someone who is armed, while ensuring transparency and accountability for their actions. As a Federation, we understand the impact of these situations and the importance of supporting our brave colleagues.

"During the training, there was a strong sense of feeling - not just about the significance of PIP - but about working together through that process to ensure best evidence is captured while looking after officer wellbeing.

"The training was of great benefit to us all. Our thanks to the organisers for extending an invitation to us."