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PTC pre-retirement information sessions

17 June, 2021

British Transport
Police Federation
June 17, 2021

PTC pre-retirement information sessions

For just 65p per week, you can access the Police Treatment Centres' first class residential physiotherapy and remote physiotherapy outpatient services in your retirement.

If you're approaching retirement and would like to find out more about retaining your eligibility to access these services, you can sign up to one of the charity's virtual pre-retirement info sessions.
  • Monday 2nd August at 4pm
  • Wednesday 20th October at 10am
  • Monday 13th December at 1pm
To register, please email fundraising@thepolicetreatmentcentres.org with your name, retirement date, and preference of date. A TEAMS invite will be sent the week prior to the event.

About the Police Treatment Centres

The Police Treatment Centres is a registered charity supported by voluntary donations from the police family, including BTP officers. The charity provides two treatment centres where serving and retired officers can receive treatment following an illness or injury, with the aim of assisting their return to better health. The Centres are St Andrews, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and Castlebrae in Auchterarder, Perthshire. The charity also offers a remote physiotherapy service.

Almost 4000 people attend the Treatment Centres each year and most receive intensive physiotherapy. Others seek support with stress-related conditions or anxiety and depression as part of the charity's psychological wellbeing programme.