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Updated advice from our travel insurers

04 June, 2021

British Transport
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June 04, 2021

Updated advice from our travel insurers

Since the traffic light system was introduced George Burrows has experienced an increase in travel insurance queries from members.

Many are assuming they are covered to travel to a destination if that country is on the green/amber list despite the FCDO advising against travel to many destinations. The traffic light system is a little confusing, as it relates more to the implications on return to the UK from an overseas destination whereas the FCDO advice is more specific to particular destinations.

To help clear up any confusion, the insurers have provided an updated travel statement which can be found here.

In the meantime, if you are a member of the group insurance and have a query about the travel insurance (or any other part of the policy) you can contact the customer services team at info@georgeburrows.com or by calling 01403 327719.