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Conditions of Service

Normal Period of Duty
Normal Daily Period of Duty: Reg 22 Annex E Determination / British Transport Police Adopted

The normal daily period of duty (including refreshments) is 8 hours.

As far as the exigencies of duty permit the normal daily period of duty shall be performed in one tour, with an interval of 45 minutes for refreshments, except when a half-day's annual leave is taken.

Where an officer works in accordance with variable shift arrangement is on duty for a continuous period of 5 hours or more, time for refreshments shall as far as exigencies of duty permit be allowed as follows:

Number of Hours Refreshment Time
Less than 6 30 mins
6 - 7 hours 35 mins
7 - 8 hours 40 mins
8 - 9 hours 45 mins
9 10 hours 50 mins
10 hours or more 60 mins

Where a normal duty period is performed in more than one hour and you do not travel to and form home between tours, an interval for refreshment and rest should normally be included at the beginning or end of one of those tours.

A 'day' means a period of 24 hours starting at such time as the chief officer may determine.

Travel Time

Travel time between home and your usual place of duty is generally not duty time.

Such travel time shall only be treated as a period of duty when you are:

  • Recalled to work between two tours of duty and you travel to and from your home between tours.

In calculating any period of overtime, the time occupied by a member in relevant travelling shall be treated as a period of duty.

If you are designated either a casual or essential user, use of motor vehicle for this purpose attracts mileage allowance.