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Nigel Goodband
Chairman of the British Transport Police Federation

British Transport
Police Federation
May 2019

Nigel Goodband on the impact of trauma

"I couldn't ever have imagined I would have returned and would have been as positive as I am now. I genuinely thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, and it was just a very dark place to be in that I couldn't see an end of, to be honest"

Almost ten years ago, Federation Chairman, Nigel Goodband, suffered several cardiac arrests and ended up in intensive care. The experience had a profound impact on him and his mental health.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Nigel has spoken in detail about what happened to him. He discusses:

The health problems that saw him admitted to hospital (0:00)

The impact of his physical health condition on his mental wellbeing (1:27)

The realisation he needed professional support (2:38)

His worries about the impact on his policing career (3:49)

The reaction of his colleagues and manager (4:49)

How he feels now (6:30)

What more the police service - and the Federation - needs to do to support officers (7:45)

If you recognise any of what Nigel describes in yourself or a colleague, there is support available both within BTP and externally. Speak to a supervisor or Fed Rep in the first instance, and take a look at the information on some of the services available.

Image credit: Asa Westerlund